McMurdo Dry Valleys ASMA Manual

Environmental Research & Assessment designed and produced the manual for ASMA No.2 McMurdo Dry Valleys for Antarctica New Zealand, the United States Antarctic Program and the Italian Antarctic Program. The manual comprises the Management Plan, maps and specific guidance that applies within designated zones. The Management Plan helps to ensure that activities conducted in the Area are co-ordinated and that scientific, environmental, and ecological values are maintained. ERA worked closely with Antarctica NZ and USAP to revise the management plan. A comprehensive revision was undertaken in 2011 as part of the five-yearly review process required by the Protocol. Further updates and improvements were adopted in 2015 and are included in the new edition of the ASMA manual. The printed manual is made available to all personnel working in the McMurdo Dry Valleys.
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dry valleys asma manual
McMurdo Dry Valleys ASMA Manual;
Photograph © Colin Harris 2009

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