Ellsworth Mountains Series

Environmental Research & Assessment produced a map series of The Ellsworth Mountains for Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions in October 2011. There are six 1:100 000 maps in the series:- Sheet 1 Vinson Massif, Sheet 2 Minnesota Glacier, Sheet 3 Schanz Glacier, Sheet 4 Union Glacier, Sheet 5 Meyer Hills and Sheet 6 Patriot Hills. In addition, a more detailed 1:35 000 map has been made of Union Glacier. Click on the map panels at the foot of this page to view the maps.

Two sheets, Sheet 4 Union Glacier 1:100 000 and Sheet 4a Union Glacier 1:35 000, were printed in volume and are available folded or unfolded. The other five map sheets may be printed by hand to order as an unfolded product. If you would like any maps in the series please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Click on the Union Glacier map to view it in amazing detail!! To view fullscreen, press Enter full view on the toolbar (second button from right). You can also use your mouse scroll-wheel to zoom. Click and drag the "hand" to move the map position. Double-click to return to full extent. Press [Esc] to exit fullscreen, or click Exit fullscreen on the toolbar (right button).

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