Helping meet environmental management needs...

  • Specialist environmental advice
  • Environmental assessments
  • Technical reports
  • Environmental mapping

ERA can assist by providing:

  • Reliable evaluations of environmental problems
  • Clear assessments, recommendations, reports, and maps
  • Prioritisation of issues / information for decision-making
  • Strategic evaluation of political and economic influences
  • Practical, innovative, flexible and cost-effective solutions

ERA offers clients these benefits:

  • Excellent technical standards, thorough and reliable
  • Personal service responsive to client needs
  • Strong project management and cost control
  • Effective links with managers, scientists and technicians
  • Well-designed, accurate, easy-to-use information products
  • State-of-the-art knowledge and techniques
  • Sensitivity to local, regional and international needs

Meeting client needs whilst respecting those of future generations

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