The imprint Environmental Research & Assessment was founded in 2005 to publish manuals, books and maps that make practical contributions to improving conservation in the polar regions. We are interested in working with agencies, authors, scientists, photographers and illustrators to develop custom publications that help to address polar environmental management problems.


ERA is a small, new publisher keen on fresh ideas. We have in-depth polar knowledge, together with comprehensive digital mapping / layout capabilities, environmental data resources and an extensive network of specialist contacts. We have knowledge and experience that could help bring your publication concept to completion.

Being small, we are responsive and flexible, and we are always willing to consider proposals. So, please feel free to send a brief synopsis of the idea (no more than a page) should you be seeking to publish a work that will offer polar conservation benefits. If the project is assessed to be both of high conservation value and to be financially viable, we'd be keen to work closely with you to make your publication a successful reality!

The first three publications to appear under the ERA imprint are:

Lorenz, K. & Sawhill, R. (Designers), Antarctic Logistics & Expeditions (Ed) 2011. Ellsworth Mountains Map Series. Consisting of six map sheets at 1:100 000 and one map sheet at 1:35 000. Prepared for Antarctic Logistics and Expeditions. Environmental Research & Assessment Ltd., Cambridge.
Sheet 1 Vinson Massif ISBN 978-0-9552205-2-4;
Sheet 2 Minnesota Glacier ISBN 978-0-9552205-3-1;
Sheet 3 Schanz Glacier ISBN 978-0-9552205-4-8;
Sheet 4 Union Glacier ISBN 978-0-9552205-5-5;
Sheet 4a Union Glacier ISBN 978-0-9552205-8-6;
Sheet 5 Meyer Hills ISBN 978-0-9552205-6-2;
Sheet 6 Patriot Hills ISBN 978-0-9552205-7-9.

Poncet, S. & Poncet, J. 2007. Southern Ocean Cruising: Second Edition. Revised and updated by S. Poncet, C.M. Harris & S.M. Grant. Environmental Research & Assessment, Cambridge.
ISBN 978-0-9552205-1-7.

Harris, C.M. (ed) 2006. Wildlife Awareness Manual: Antarctic Peninsula, South Shetland Islands, South Orkney Islands. 1st edn. Wildlife Information Publication No. 1. Prepared for UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office and HMS Endurance. Environmental Research & Assessment, Cambridge.
ISBN 978-0-9552205-0-0.

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