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For several years ERA has been providing technical assistance to Atkins for Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Environmental Assessment related to large infrastructure projects in West Africa. In particular, ERA has been working closely with ecological and social impact specialists on data collection protocols, sampling design strategies, data analysis and presentation, and mapping and GIS.

ERA contributed the chapter on science and logistic support activities for the State of the environment report for the Ross Sea region, published by the New Zealand Antarctic Institute in 2001. This chapter reviewed the state of the principal human activities in the region, and covered themes such as infrastructure, transportation systems (air, land, sea), energy consumption, waste disposal and contamination.

Colin Harris was responsible for preparation of the Antarctic chapter of UNEP's 1997 Global Environmental Outlook (GEO) and also contributed to GEO 2000. He was also responsible for initiating a major project related to the state of New Zealand's wetlands before moving to the United Kingdom and establishing ERA.

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